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Mary O'Hagan in the 1861 Census

Mary O'Hagan, also known as Mary Hagan, was the older sister of my great great grandmother, Alice O'Hagan who married John Millington.

Since discovering Mary's O'Hagan's Will some years ago and learning that she was an unmarried woman who died from cancer in 1906 at her cottage in William Street in Lee Bank, having spent much of her life in domestic service as a cook, I have slowly been able to build up a picture of the O'Hagan family who most likely came from Newry in Ulster as early as the 1840s. 

Alice was born in Bromsgrove in about 1846 / 1847, her father Patrick has been listed as a traveller, an agricultural labourer and a salt hawker. All of these 'occupations' painting a picture of an itinerent family arriving in the rural countryside of Worcestershire, where they most likely worked in the fields, going from farm to farm as did thousands of other Irish migrants. But then Patrick realising the opportunity of hawking the salt that was produced around Droitwich and Bromsgrove in the 19th century and heading up the canal routes into the expanding urban metropolis of Birmingham and the Black Country where they settled down and stayed.

The family are registered living at Wharf Street next to the Gas Street canal basin in the 1861 Census, but by this time Mary and her older siblings have left the family home.

There are subsequent records of a Mary O'Hagan (or Hagan) as a cook in domestic employment in later census records but this is the first time I have found a possible match in the 1861 census. Her birth place (Newry) and birth year make this seem like a likely record of this being our own Mary O'Hagan.     

Address 31-32 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham
Ward - St Mary's
Ecclesiastical district - St Philip's 
John Vinrace
General Practitioner
Married to Selina E
Born abt 1834 in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, England
Head of the household

Selina E Vinrace
Married to John
Born abt 1835 London, England

John H Vinrace
aged 5
Son of above
Born abt 1856 Hill Top, Staffordshire, England

Felix C Vinrace
aged 3 
Son of above
Born abt 1858 Highgate, Worcestershire, England

Edward D Vinrace
Aged 1
Son of above
Born abt 1860 Ledgborough, Gloucestershire, England 

Sophia Watkins
Born abt 1843 Gloucestershire, England

Mary Hagan
Born abt 1839 Newry, Ireland

Elizah Harvey
Born abt 1843 Goodworth, Warwickshire, England

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