Sunday, 20 November 2011

John and Mary Stones - a more likely match

Having profiled a family appertaining to one John Stones and Mary Geoghegan in the post below, whose children were baptised at Tubber / Rosemount between 1828 and 1838, I now feel that my instinct about the young age of the parents was correct in excluding them from being the John and Mary of Lurgan that we are looking for.

I won't remove the information as you never know when it's relevance might be revealed.

However I have come across another family of children in the same baptismal records which seems much more likely to be the family we are are looking for. The dates fit in better with the birthdates of John and Mary of Lurgan (1811 and 1812) and there is also the occurance of a Timothy Stones, Elizabeth Cahill and John and Anne Hinson as sponsors. The baptised children of this couple John Stones and Mary Malone are as follows:

Margaret Stones baptised 1st October 1837, sponsors were Owen Malone and Margaret Stones

James Stones baptised 23rd February 1839, sponsors were John Stones and Rose Malone

Thomas Stones baptised 3rd August 1840, sponsors were Tim Stones and Judith Malone

Catherine Stones baptised 27th February 1842, sponsors were Patrick Malone and Anne Henson

Richard Stones baptised 11th February 1844, sponsors were James Stones and Elizabeth Cahill

John Stones baptised 9th March 1847, sponsors were John Hinson and Mary Stones

Mary Ann Stones baptised 6th December 1851, sponsors were James Stones and Mary Stones         

A question I have about baptisms based on some of these records is, did the female sponsor use their maiden name in baptismal records? I don't know the answer to this question but I am noticing a pattern for instance Elizabeth Cahill was the wife of Timothy Stones but appears to use her maiden name here in 1844 when by my calculation she would have been married by this date. Anyone know the answer?

I noticed once when looking at similar records at the archive at St Chads Cathedral in Birmingham that many first names were converted into the Latin version presumably just for the church record.

James Stones

The name James Stones has cropped up a number of times as baptismal sponsor for children of both Timothy and John. Can we now bring James in as a brother to John and Timothy? Are there other possible siblings for this generation of the Stones and what of the other related families, the Malones, the Hinsons, the Cahills?

Our Lurgan, Tubber and Moate community begins to expand. 

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