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More information about the family of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones

The new information received from the Irish Midlands Ancestry Centre at Tullamore has identified the 11 children of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones. The maiden name of Timothy's wife, Cahill, was also new information in my research.

The shield of County Offaly, once Kings County
 Unfortunately they could not find a marriage record for Timothy Stones and Elzabeth Cahill, though I was advised they could have married in Westmeath not in Offaly.

The website may lead us to records for Westmeath, though there is a cost to view records.

The Ancestry Centre did however pinpoint three marriages which definately appear to appertain to three of the children from the family of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones. One of them we already know about, the marriage of Daniel Stones (Theresa's great grandfather) to Mary Duffy in 1880:

Daniel Stones, a farmer and a bachelor of full age from Lurgan married Mary Duffy, a 19 year old spinster of Moate on 1st May 1880 at Tubber RC Church in the district of Moate. Daniel's father was Timothy Stones a farmer and Mary's father was Andrew Duffy, a plasterer.

The bridesmaid was a Mary Duffy (a sister-in-law or cousin of the bride perhaps?) and the best man was John Cahill (her brother?) The priest at Tubber was Michael Callary.

The two additional marriages are new to my research:

James Stones, a farmer and bachelor aged 26 from Lurgan married Rose Connaughton, a 24 year old spinster and farmer's daughter from Culleen on 19th April 1866. James's father was Timothy Stones the farmer and Roses's father was James Connaughton, a farmer. Best man was James Stones and bridesmaid was Bridget Galvin. The marriage took place at Tubber Church and the priest was Michael Guilifoy.

On 25th november 1875, Rose Stones of Lurgan married Edward Grennan of Cloghatanney at tubber Church. The bride's father was Timothy Stones of lurgan and the groom's father was Edward Grennan (deceased) a farmer. The best man was James Grennan and the bridesmaid was Mary Anne Stones. The priest was Michael Callary.

Dainiel, James and Rose Stones were without doubt brothers and sister. I will attempt to find these and some of the other sons and daughters of Timothy and Elizabeth Stones in the 1901 and 1911 census records. There stands a chance that I have already located some of them in amongst the Stones families previously listed at Lurgan.

To remind ourselves, Daniel and Mary Stones were living at house number 7 at Lurgan in 1901 with 5 children including Theresa's grandfather Edward who was 18 years old.

Baptismal records of five of the children of Daniel Stones and Mary Duffy:

All five of these children were baptised at Tubber RC Church. 

Timothy Stones was born on 26 / 07 / 1885 and baptised on 01 .08/ 1885 (sponsors were Michael Duffy and Mary Stones). Area - Moate.

Michael Stones was born on 27 / 11 / 1889 and baptised on 30 / 11 / 1889 (sponsors were Thomas Cuddy and Anne Duffy). Area - Moate.

Catherine Stones was born on 27 / 08 / 1892 and baptised on 03 / 09 / 1892 (sponsors were Edward stones and Elizabeth Stones). Area - Moate.

James Stones was born on 31 / 10 /1894 and baptised on 3 / 11/ 1894 (sponsors were James Stones and Kate Cody). Area - Lurgan, Moate.

Richard Stones was born on 25 / 3 / 1897 and baptised on 27 . 3. 1897 (sponsors were Joseph Duffy and Mary Coady). Area - Lurgan, Moate

Note three different spellings of the similar surname Coady, Cody and Cuddy amongst the sponsors.

Also note that the oldest child Edward (Theresa's grandfather) was not baptised at Tubber Church. We already know he was born in Mullingar (Westmeath - about 15 miles away from Moate) in 1883, two years before Timothy was born.

We may also note that the first three children on this list of baptisms were from Moate, as opposed to Lurgan, Moate. This fits in with a theory that Daniel worked as a gardener in Moate and also as a publican in Mullingar presmably before making his home back in Lurgan around 1893.

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