Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Significant Records - Stones family

To try to make some order and sense out of the various record indexes sent to me at the weekend, I am going to attempt to put significant records, for instance people with the surnames Stones, Duffy, etc in the localities of Gurteen, Tobber, Moate and Lurgan into a sequential date-ordered list.

The place names in brackets may refer to the place of an event such as a birth or death, indicating a home address but may also refer to the location of a church or cemetery (so not necessarily indicating where they lived). However anything with the place name of Lurgan has a strong possibility of being an ancestor as I believe all of the Stones families at Lurgan were related to one another and there was neither a church nor cemetery at Lurgan. I am not certain that Tobber and Tubber are the same place, though I suspect they are and if so this is both a potential home address, a church and a cemetery. Gurteen (also Gorteen) I am assuming is near to the Gurteen where Kitty currently resides. Moate is a large town with plentiful housing, churches and a cemetery. 

As the list below is populated I hope we can spot obvious links between named individuals and events, for instance a death record with age at death may correspond with a birth record. 

12th July 1825   Death Elizabeth Duffy (Moate)

26th December 1825 Death  Margaret Stones  (Tobber)

28th September 1826  Death   James Stones   (Moate)

22nd January 1830 Death  James Stones  (Tobber)

4th September 1838 Death  Richard Stones  (Tobber)

21st June 1840 Death   Edward Stones  (Tobber)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  Bridget Stones (Gorteen)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  James Stones (Tober)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation   John Stones (Lurgan)

1850 Griffiths Land Valuation  Timothy Stones (Lurgan)

22nd February 1857 Birth Edward Stone (Moate) - became Rev. Edward Romacus Stone of Carmalite Order on 24th June 1873, ordained 19th December 1881. Died Dublin on 21st July 1925 

10th May 1869 Death  Catherine Stones, farmer's daughter, aged 27, phthisis (Lurgan) 

20th January 1874 Death  Hugh Stones, farmer, bachelor, aged 30, stomach disease (Tober)

3rd September 1875  Death Edward Stones, publican, bachelor, aged 52, pneumonia (Tober)

27th May 1877 Death  James Stones, Excise Officer, bachelor, aged 55, dropped dead (Tubber)

14th September 1877 Death Mary Stones, farmer's wife, aged 66, paralysis (Luragon)

17th February 1880 Death  Bridget Stones, farmer's widow, aged 80, old age (Gorteen)

21st May 1880 Death  Elizabeth Stones, shop keeper, widow, aged 84, old age (Tober)    

7th November 1883 Death  Catherine Bridget Stones, farmer's child, 3 months old, whooping cough (Tubber)

7th January 1891 Death  Anne Stones, housekeeper, spinster, aged 60, cough (Tubber)

4th March 1892  Death Timothy Stones, farmer's child, 8 months, influenza (Lurgan)

19th July 1893 Death  Edward Stones, farmer's son, aged 16, pneumonia (Gurteen)

3rd February 1895  Death James Stones, farmer, bachelor, aged 70, cough (Tubber)

9th June 1895 Death  John Stones, farmer, widower, aged 83, cancer (Lurgan)

6th September 1896 Death  Richard Stones, farmer, married , aged 45, cancer (Lurgan)

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