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Stone family of Lurgan, County Offaly

I have previously posted information about the ancestors of my wife Theresa, the Stone (also Stones) family who lived at Lurgan, near the towns of Moate and Clara in County Offaly in Ireland.

There is information here about the marriage of Theresa's grandparents, Edward Stone and Catherine Flanagan in July 1924 and also the birth of the said Edward Stone at Mullingar on 19th February 1883. There is also information about the marriage of Edward's parents, Daniel Stones of Lurgan and Mary Duffy of Moate on 1st May 1880 at Tubber.

There is information here about the Stone family recorded in various houses around Lurgan in the 1901 census. The 1901 census records 4 houses of Stone families at Lurgan and another family at Gorteen. These families include the family of Daniel and Mary Duffy at number 7.
The information here provides further insights into the origins of the Stone family at Lurgan, the family of Daniel and Mary Stone and a reference to the 1911 census.
The information here gives more detail about Daniel and Mary Stone's family at Lurgan in the 1911 census and also lists their neighbours at Lurgan.
At this link there is a photo of Edward Stone and his wife Catherine Flanagan. There is also information about their children

There is more detailed information here about the Stone family and their neighbours at Lurgan in the 1911 census.

There is information here about Kilmanaghan Cemetary near Lurgan and a post here about the history of Moate. There is also a post here containing memories and stories by local writer James J Hackett.

There is information here about the Flanagan family recorded at a place called Raheen in both the 1901 and 1911 census. Catherine Flanagan was Theresa's grandmother who married Edward Stone.

There is information here and here about the occurrence of Timothy and John Stones, who may have been brothers, both recorded at Lurgan in the 1850 Griffith's Evaluation.

Tubber Roman Catholic Church near Moate, County Offaly

New information about the Stone family

Have received some information this weekend from the Irish Midlands Ancestry Centre in Tullamore, County Offaly. It will take me some time to read through everything and interpret what I can as mainly it is made up of index lists which need deciphering to pick out direct ancestors from other people named Stone in the area.

But there is some significant new information here such as a detailed profile of the family of Timothy Stones of Lurgan and his wife Elizabeth Cahill. Timothy and Elizabeth Stones were Theresa's great great grandparents who lived on a farm at Lurgan.

Lurgan was still in the ownership of the Stone family up until a few years ago when Theresa's Uncle Dan died and the land was sold. We have made many visits there in the past twenty years, Dan was a sheep farmer who lived in a cottage on the edge of Moate but he and his sisters grew up in a small farm house on the land which in later years was used as a barn. So it is fascinating to identify people who lived at Lurgan back in the early 1800s.

The records of the family are drawn from the Tubber Roman Catholic Baptismal Records and include the following 12 children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill:

Margaret Stones baptised 13 / 12 / 1835 (Sponsors William Heiney and Anne Milady) 

James Stones baptised 04 / 12 / 1839 (Sponsors John Cahill and Mary Stones)

Rose Stones baptised 24 / 02 / 1841 (Sponsors John Stones and Mary Cahill)

Richard Stones baptised 22 / 1 / 1843 (Sponsors James Daly and Rose Cahill)

John Stones baptised 29 / 9 /1844 (Sponsors Pat Rigny and Mary Stones)
Daniel Stones baptised 20 / 9 / 1846 (Sponsors Edward Stones and Elizabeth Hinson)

Elizabeth Stones baptised 26 / 11 / 1848 (Sponsors Thomas Lowry and Mary Geoghegan)

Timothy Stones baptised 23 / 07 / 1850 (Sponsors James Hinson and Mary Anne Stones)

Rose Stones baptised 18 / 06 / 1852 (Sponsors James Stones and Margaret Hinson)

Anne Stones baptised 22 / 07 / 1854 (Sponsors Patrick Henson and Margaret Stones)

Edward Stones baptised 23 / 02 / 1857 (Sponsors Thomas Stones and Catherine Stones)

Catherine Stones baptised 27 / 07 / 1859 (Sponsors Richard stones and Mary Rigney)

The child named Daniel baptised in 1846 was Theresa's great grandfather who married Mary Duffy on 1st May 1880.

These baptismal records also give us the name of the sponsors (God parents) of each child, which may lead us to guess at the relationships between these people and the parents. For instance, Mary Cahill and Rose Cahill could have been sisters or sister-in-laws to the mother Elizabeth Cahill. The sponsors also include a Mary Stones, a Catherine Stones, a Margaret Stones and a Mary Anne Stones, so again these women could have been sisters or sisters-in-law to the father Timothy (though we should not discount other relationships such as an aunt or grandmother acting as sponsor).

The sponsors also include women named Anne Milady, Mary Rigney, Mary Geoghegan and Margaret Hinson. These women could have been married sisters of either the mother or the father. They might have included friends or neighbours acting as sponsors, though in large Catholic families (and I speak from experience) they are more likely to use relatives. 

The male sponsors include men named Edward Stones, Thomas Stones, Richard Stones and James Stones - all likely to be brothers of of the father Timothy. We also have John Cahill who is likely to be a brother of the mother Elizabeth.

The male sponsors also include Pat Rigny, William Heiney, James Daly, Patrick Henson, Thomas Lowry and James Hinson. Relatives, friends or neighbours? If we assume that the surnames Henson and Hinson are different spellings of the same name, it is interesting to note that three different people named Hinson stood as sponsors to the Stones children, so a close relationship existed here between the Hinson and Stones families.

One further observation about the 12 children in this list is that there are baptisms for two children with the name Rose, one in 1841 and one in 1852, so 11 years between them. It is intriguing to wonder why there might have been two daughters named Rose in the same family. Did the older child die perhaps - though it still seems unusual to name a new baby after her deceased sister, unless there was a big significance about the name Rose, such as being a grand parent's name?

Tubber RC Church is on the main road between Clara and Moate. I have been to Mass there many times and Theresa and I knew the retiring priest Father Michael Walsh well, receiving his blessing on our marriage if my memory is correct. So it's wonderful to learn of the family's long standing relationship with Tubber Church.

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