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Was John Stones the brother of Timothy?

Having established more about the family of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill, we can now start to examine other pieces of information to build up a wider picture of the Stones family in the 19th century.

The Griffiths Land Vaulation of 1850 highlights at least 24 land occupants with the surname Stones residing in the Union of Tullamore. Seven of them are in the Parish of Kilmananghan including Timothy and John Stones at Lurgan:

Bernard Stones, Raheen, 2 acres
Bridget Stones, Gorteen, 25 acres
Bridget Stones, Cloghatanny, 1 acre
Daniel Stones, Correagh, 13 acres
Daniel Stones, Ardballymore, 3 acres
James Stones, Tober, 13 acres 
James Stones, Fearboy, 9 acres
James Stones, Gorteen, 1 acre
James Stones, Cloghatanny, 1 acre
John Stones, Parkwood, 1 acre
John Stones, Fearboy, 2 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 0 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 7 acres
John Stones, Lurgan, 15 acres
John Stones, Parkwood, 1 acre
Keiran Stones, Raheen, 1 acre
Mary Stones, Srah, 0 acres
Mary Stones, Loughaun, 6 acres
Michael Stones, Big Ballinderry, 2 acres
Peter Stones, Srah, 6 acres
Thomas Stones, Fearboy, 17 acres
Timothy Stones, Lurgan, 59 acres
William Stones, Raheen, 1 acre
William Stones, Raheen, 1 acre

The common occurance of the surname Stones in the area may or may not indicate that all of these people shared the same origins, especially the ones which occur in Kilmananghan. We can however safely assume a relationship between Timothy and John of Lurgan whom it would appear could have been brothers. 

A John Stones acted as sponsor to the baptism of Timothy's daughter Rose at Tubber Church in 1841. There is also the death of a John Stones of Lurgan recorded in the death indexes having died of cancer on 9th June 1895 aged 83. John was recorded as a farmer and a widower. He would therefore have been born in 1812.

There is another death entry for Mary Stones of Luragon (mis-spelling of Lurgan?) who died on 14th September 1877 aged 66 (born 1811), Mary's cause of death was paralysis. Could this lady have been the deceased wife of John Stones above?

John and Mary's family?

The Tubber and Rosemount Catholic Baptismal index contains four baptisms of children of a John Stones and Mary Geoghegan between 1828 and 1838. If this couple were the one profiled above then Mary would have been 17 at the birth of the first child mentioned and John 16. What is additionally interesting here is that there was a Mary Geoghegan listed as a sponsor to one of Timothy's children in 1848. I am not certain how these slightly miscellaneous records relate to each other, but will list the baptised children of this couple here anyway:

Ellenor Stones was baptised on 7th June 1828, sponsors were Thomas Huse and Bridget Geoghegan

Patrick Stones was baptised on 11th February 1832, sponsors were Con Menton and Peggy Keenehan

Mary Stones was baptised on 25th June 1834, sponsors were Joseph Gaogan and Bridget Gadegan

Bridget Stones was baptised on 4th May 1838, sponsors were William Stones and Anne Geoghegan 

Other deaths recorded at Lurgan in the 19th century include:

Timothy Stones who died on 4th March 1892, a farmer's child he died just 8 months old from influenza

Catherine Stones who died on 10th May 1869, a farmer's daughter and spinster aged 27 who died from phthisis 

Richard Stones a farmer aged 45 who died of cancer on 6th September 1896


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