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Stone family - Matters arising

I continue, for the time being, to concentrate my research on my wife's maternal ancestors, the Stone / Stones family of County Offaly in the rural Irish Midlands.

The family tree chart I posted a few days ago continues to raise one or two questions which require further clarification. For instance, we have seen in previous posts that during the early 1880s two different men named John Stones married and raised families at Lurgan. One of them married Rose Malynn and the other married Anne Warburton.

In the 1901 census it seems that one of these men named John Stones had died leaving his wife Anne as a widow. We can say with certainty that this was Anne Warburton as her sister Teresa Warburton is also recorded in the family home.

What I was unable to say for certain was which one of the two men named John Stones was the brother of my wife's great grandfather Daniel Stones. On the first draft of the family tree I had guessed that it was John who married Rose Malynn, mainly on the basis of age calculations. It now seems however that I got this wrong. 

Which ever of these Johns we confirm as the brother of Daniel and his siblings, it leaves the question of the relationship of the second John to the generation of the children of Timothy Stones and Elizabeth Cahill. My guess up to now was that he could have been their cousin, the son of a John Stones senior recorded at Lurgan in the 1850 Griffith's Valuation. 

An additional question affecting this puzzle arises from verbal information which my wife's mother Kitty gave me some years ago and which I recently came across in my notes.

Sometime around 2000, Kitty told me:

"My grandfather Daniel Stone inherited a third of Lurgan when it was divided between him and two brothers by their father. The three brothers were Daniel, John and Michael.

" Michael was the grandfather of Mary Martin who still lives on the land at Lurgan. Her father was Dick Martin who must have married Michael Stone's daughter. I believe the other brother, John, married a woman named Warburton. The Warburtons were a Protestant family from the Athlone side of Moate, they have a family grave in the Church of Ireland cemetary at Ballymoor".

Kitty went on to tell me that John Stone's descendants sold their third of the land at Lurgan to her own brother Daniel (Uncle Dan) many years ago, meaning that Dan owned two thirds of the original land up until his death on 14th March 2004 whilst Mary Martin kept the remaining third.

Whilst the discovery of this anecdotal information would certainly confirm that the John Stones who married Anne Warburton was the brother of Daniel, I have not come across another brother named Michael. The census records of both 1901 and 1911 do however provide details of the household and family of another of Daniel's brothers named James Stones with his wife Rose Connaughton. On this basis, I would speculate that James was the third brother who inherited the land and that it was one of his daughters who married Dick Martin.

It is worth noting that Daniel Sone may not appear to have had a brother named Michael but he did have a son Michael (brother of Kitty's father Edward) born in 1889 and John Stones and Anne Warburton themselves also had a son named Michael (born 1891). Could one of these two cousins have also married a woman named Warburton?  

The death of Timothy Stones 

I have previously speculated that Timothy Stones died around 1885 because prior to that date two of his sons mentioned above were residing with their young families away from Lurgan. The evidence being that they returned to live permanently at Lurgan around 1884/1885.

A death index I came across on Ancestry would appear to support this theory as there is indeed a record for the death of a Timothy Stones, aged 75, recorded in the autumn of 1883:  

Name: Timothy Stones

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808

Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1883

Death Age: 75

Registration district: Tullamore

Death Country: Ireland

Volume: 3 Page: 447

FHL Film Number: 101592

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