Friday, 27 January 2012

John Whelan in the 1901 Census

A search for my great grandfather, John Whelan, in the 1901 Census of Dublin reveals an almost certain possibility living at 80.1 Chancery Street in the Inns Quay area of Dublin.

The address itself is a grocery shop just doors away from 78 Chancery Street, which was where the family of my great grandmother, Anne McDonnell resided in the same census of 1901. Anne's father John McDonnell was the blind entrepreneur who ran a basket making factory at 78 Chancery Street.

At 80.1 Chancery Street, John Whelan is listed as a 28 year old servant working for 56 year old spinster Jane Dramgoole. His trade is given as grocers shopman, alongside 24 year old James Gannon and other servants (see below for full entry).

John's place of birth is recorded as Kilkenny, which fits with family anecdote of him coming from a farming background in Piltown, Kilkenny. In the 1911 census, where John and Anne are recorded as a married couple with children at 49.3 Bolton Street, John again gives his place of birth as Kilkenny.

When John Whelan and Anne McDonnell married in Dublin in 1904, John stated his profession as a grocer and his address was Capel Street - which is literally around the corner to Chancery Street.      

Residents of a house 80.1 in Chancery Street (Inns Quay, Dublin)

Dramgoole, Jane, aged 56, Female Head of Family, Roman Catholic, born in Co Louth, a Family Grocer, can Read and write - Not Married -

Gannon James 24 Male Servant Roman Catholic Co Mayo Grocers Shopman Read and write Irish and English Not Married -

Whelan John 28 Male Servant Roman Catholic Co Kilkenny Grocers Shopman Read and write - Not Married -

Coady Kate 38 Female Servant Roman Catholic Co Galway General Servant Read and write Irish and English Married -

McHugh Margaret 53 Female Sister Roman Catholic Co Louth Housekeeper Read and write - Married -

Ambrose Eliza 22 Female Visitor Roman Catholic Co Limerick Bar Maid Read and write - Not Married -

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