Saturday, 15 September 2012

A new contact on the Whelan branch

Whelan ladies - Mollie (John's wife), Florie (Pat Whelan's wife),
Olive (Basil Whelan's wife - Jimmy's son), Eileen (Jimmy's wife) & Emily (Dick's wife)

I was delighted to receive a reply this week to a slightly speculative email I sent to Father Alan Whelan who is a cousin of my mother Joan whom we knew to be a priest based for many years at Princethorpe College in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Alan and his brother Patrick (Pat) Whelan are the sons of Patrick Whelan (my grandmother's brother) and Florance (Florie) Whelan, nee. Melody.

Alan's brother Pat responded "Dear Pete, my name is Patrick ( Pat ) Whelan, my brother Fr. Alan Whelan forwarded your interesting E-mail to myself, I found it a most rewarding read and answered many questions I had harboured for many years now."
Pat went on to update our knowledge of his own parents. His father, Patrick Whelan, died on 14th March 1979, he had worked with the ESB from 1949 to till his death. His mother's name was 'Florance (Florie) Whelan'' nee. Melody, she died on 7th February 2005.

Pat's brother, Alan Whelan, is head principle of Princethorpe College.
Alan recalled "your Grandmother and what I can now only assume your Mother, visted my parents house in Beaumont, Dublin on two occasions, I distinctly remember one of the occasions, my father having aquired a new car that day, offered to returm them back to Walsh Road where I met your relations."

He concluded, "I note that you visit Dublin occasionaly, I would take great delight if you were to contact myself upon such a visit. Both Alan and myself have little or no contact with my Fathers extended family members, we met some of the Youngs at my Mothers funeral, but none since then, I note you are in frequent contact with others and if you wish please relay my heartest hello. Your research and work is much to be admired, Kindest regards, Pat Whelan."


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