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Stone family updates

Here are some interesting pieces of information about the Stone family of Lurgan, county Westmeath, Ireland which were given to me by my wife's mother Kitty Dwyer on our recent visit to Ireland this summer.

Edward Stone, who was Kitty's father, had a brother named Daniel. Daniel had three sons and one daughter. Daniel was married to a Mary Duffy who was the niece of Kitty's mother (Catherine Flanagan). The couple went to live in New York. A female relative, Sister Alice, was a nun in America. Their daughter married someone with a German surname.

A lady named Ann Stone, who was a nun in Birmingham UK, was Kitty's grandfather's sister (Daniel Stone). Kitty told me that a lady named Chrissie had this lady's photograph.

Kitty told me that her mother Kate Flanagan's mother was named Ann Conlon and she was from a place called Glassan in Westmeath.

A Conlon family at Glassan in the 1901 and 1911 Census:

1901 Census - residents of a house 7 in Glassan (Glassan, Westmeath)

William Conlon, 47 years old, male, Head of family, Roman Catholic, born Co Westmeath, Agricultural labourer, can read, married.

Margaret Conlon, 40 year old, female, wife, born in Co Westmeath, Housekeeper, Roman Catholic, can read and write, married.

Mathew Mulhall, 35 year old male, brother in law of head of family, Roman Catholic, born Co. Westmeath, agricultural labourer, can read and write, not married

The same couple are to be found 10 years later still living at Glassan, though this time without the bother-in-law, Mathew Mulhall:

1911 Census - Residents of a house 10 in Glasson Village (Glasson, Westmeath)

William Conlon, aged 60, head of family, Roman Catholic, born Co Westmeath, labourer, cannot read, married for 17 years.

Margaret Conlon, aged 55, wife, Roman Catholic, born Co. Westmeath, can read and write, married 17 years, no children born or living

How might this couple have been related to Kitty's mother and grandmother?

Kitty's mother, Catherine Flanagan was born in 1893. She was brought up at Raheen in Westmeath. Her parents were William Flanagan, born in 1851 and Anne Flanagan, born in 1853 (died 1923 aged 70). Their oldest daughter Mary Anne was born in 1877, so perhaps they might have married around 1876. They had 9 children altogether.   

If Anne Flanagan was related to the Conlon couple who lived at Glassan in the 1901 and 1911 Census, then it is most likely she was a sister to William Conlon - he was born around 1851-1854 (the 2 census records give him slightly different ages). This would be exactly the right sort of age for them to have been siblings.

The man described as an unmarried brother-in-law of the head of family at Glassan in the 1901 Census, Mathew Mulhall, would therefore most likely have been the brother of Margaret Conlon.

The marriage of Aunt Kitty and Uncle John
Kitty was the sister of Kitty's father Edward Stone
John (born 1898) was the brother of her mother Catherine Flanagan
Photo circa. 1920s

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