Sunday, 14 October 2012

McDonnell wins the 1899 Poor Law election for North Dublin

The Blind Advocate April 1899

The Dublin Poor-Law elections will take place this April. We understand that the members of the local branch are making strenuous efforts to secure a seat for Mr John McDonnell. It is said that they are perfectly satisfied with the reception which is being accorded to those who are working in the interest of their candidate. One correspondent believes that Mr McDonnell will head the poll. Again we wish him every success, believing as we do that he is one of the most energetic and capable men in the movement".

The Blind Advocate May 1899

Dublin Poor Law Elections.

The following were the successful candidates in the recent Poor Law Elections.

Poor Law Guardians election for Dublin:

John McDonnell 475,
Timothy Charles Harrington MP 403,
Charles Augustus James 376,
Matthew Farrell 357 ,
Daniel Sullivan 291.

The Dublin election has been a great triumph for us. Mr McDonnell's success should give an impetus to every branch throughout the country.


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