Friday, 19 October 2012

Mr John McDonnell and his election victory

The Blind Advocate - May 1899


We have every reason to feel proud of the result which has been achieved by our esteemed colleague, Mr John McDonnell, in the recent Poor Law Guardians elections of Dublin. The members of the Dublin branch are to be congratulated for the intense zeal and enthusiasm which they infused into the campaign. We desire especially to make honourable mention of the name of Mr Alfred Meledy, who particularly distinguished himself in the canvassing.

We shall watch the administrative career of Mr McDonnell with a lively interest. We believe that his ability will soon win for him the respect of all those who are concerned in the amelioration of the labouring classes. Again we congratulate him, and wish him every success in the new duties to which he has been called. The figures registered at the election will be found in another column.

A Bumper to Dublin

A health to bonny Dublin! Fill your glasses to the brim,
And pledge her Queen of Happy Hope, whose light shall fleer grow dim;
By energetic canvassing and working heart and soul,
She proudly placed her man above all others at the poll.


Then drink to bonny Dublin, lads and shout Hip, Hip, Hurrah
And let us each resolve to move where she has led the way
She won the first bright laurel wreath of which the League can boast;
Then drink to bonny Dublin - bonny Dublin is the toast.

A health to bonny Dublin lads! her vistory is ours,
Inspiring us to organise our yet unmarshall'd powers.
If we with zeal unlagging ever keep the goal in view,
And work as hard as Dublin worked, like her we'll tirumph too.

A health to bonny Dublin! Her achievement will, I'm sure,
New interest in the League arouse and forces new secure;
The flowing tide is with us, and our hearts beat high with hope;
'Tis only alse philosophy with which we have to cope.

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