Saturday, 6 October 2012

My dad's memories of old Ladywood

My father Geoff posted these memories on the Old Ladywood website in 2009.
I remember Lee's bike/record shop, which was located slightly back from the main road, and stood on the Spring Hill. The shop did not retail bicycles, there being limited space available on the premises, but did carry a good range of cycle accessories.

In the late forties, and fifties, and before the advent of vinyl recordings, it was the place to go in the area for those rigid 78 records.

I did buy all my 78's, and boxes of steel gramophone needles from the shop. Whenever the steel spring snapped in my old portable HMV gramophone, I would take it to the shop, my Dad would give me a few pounds, and it would be repaired as good as new. I only ever remember being served by one gentleman; he was of slim build, always neatly dressed in a smart suit, and very pleasant in manner. Nothing was too much trouble for him in locating that obscure disc for his customers. I cannot say if that gentleman’s name was Clifford or Bert, but he did offer a good service.

I believe the little shop narrowly missed being bombed during the war. Certainly bombs fell to the rear, and across the road from that line of shops. I sadly regret that I didn't take any photographs of the shop, or other small businesses at that time, as we were living nearby, in that area. The music has ended, but the memories linger on.

Kind regards,
Geoff Millington

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