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Records for Finn sisters in the 1911 census

I believe that this is the family of Margaret Reeves, nee. Finn who was one of my great grandmother's sisters. I have always been told that Thomas and Margaret Reeves ran a second hand shop in Ladywood. They are listed in Birmingham trade directories in the 1920s with a shop in Icknield Street.  

In this record Margaret is listed as a shop keeper and then also described as a huckster which was a name for someone who bought and sold second hand goods, usually small items that could be sold door-to-door.

Thomas Reeves was 33 years old, married for 12 years, a brass caster worker, born in Birmingham.

Margaret Reeves his wife was also 33 years old (which fits with her being 14 in the 1891 census) and had given birth to 6 children, 1 of whom had died. She was a shopkeeper a huckster and housekeeper. Also born in Birmingham.

Their children included:

Thomas aged 10, at school.
Margaret aged 6, at school.
Annie aged 4, at school.
William aged 2, at school.
Norman aged 4 months. 

All children born in Birmingham.

The Reeves family had two lodgers:

Albert Phillips, aged 21, single, a silver polisher born in London.
Henry Hickman aged 39, single, a plasterers labourer born in Birmingham.

In the same census of 1911 is this record for an address at no.3 back of 53 Buckingham Street showing the family of Annie Green, nee. Finn (or Hannah as she is named here) with her husband William and their 5 daughters. What is also interesting about this record is that it also includes another of the Finn sisters, Julia Finn, who later married Percy Judd though at this point she is unmarried.

The family comprises:

William Green aged 42, a hosue painter,born in Worcestershire.
Hannah Green aged 36, married for 12 years with five children (all survived), born in Birmingham

Hannah E. Green aged 10
Ellen M Green aged 7
Margaret E Green aged 6
Mary G Green aged 3
Catherine M Green aged 1

All of the children born in Birmingham

Finally, Julia Finn, sister-in-law to William Green, single, working as a General Canvassar.
Born in Bimringham.

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