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Payne's Coaches

As far back as I remember, Dad's sister Kath (Robinson) would tell us stories from family history going back to her Birmingham childhood in the 1920s and even beyond that in terms of oral history passed on through previous generations. It was Kath who inspired my own interest in family history. One of the people she would recall with warmth was a lady named Mary Jane Payne, nee. Finn who was her own grandmother's first cousin. Kath spoke of Mary Payne owning a coach travel company which went under two names: Paynes Coaches and Danny Boy Coaches.

Another photo from Mr Payne's 1997 article about Payne's Coaches. On the side of one of these we can make out the name Danny Boy Coaches - an indication of Mary Payne, nee. Finn's Irish connections.

Ian recently told me:

"This photo was taken on the land where the Alexander stadium now stands in Perry Barr park - must be mid 1950's. The coaches were green and cream, an indication of the family's Irish tradition."

The third and final section of Mr Payne's article, showing another photo of one of the coaches and an advertising poster for Payne's Comfort Luxury Coaches.

Ian told me:

"The luxury coach to the left was a Commer Avenger with a Plaxton frame, reg plate KOC527. One of grandads newer coaches. His brother also had coaches as well under the name if Ashted Coaches, I think their garage was in Lea Marston. The
address on this of 95 Lower Tower Street was grandad's home address".

Ian's grandfather was Patrick Payne and his brother who ran Ashted Coaches was Frederick Payne. Patrick married Elzabeth Tongue and Frederick married Olivia Agnes McHale.

There is evidence that Patrick and Frederick were siblings in the following family of Mary Jane Finn (aka Mary Ann Finn) from Birmingham of Irish parents and Frederick Payne from Coventry:

Hannah  1888/92 - 1901
Rose born 1892
Florence born 1899
Elizabeth born 1901
Patrick ( 1902 - 1972 )
Frederick ( 1906 - 1968 )
Jane ( 1907/8 - 1922 )
Jenevive born 1909
Michael ( 1911/2 - 1968 )


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