Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Payne Family in the 20th Century

The information in the preceding post tells us about the coach company set up by Frederick and Mary Payne which it seems started in Aston as Payne's Coaches, but was later divided into two seperate companies run by Patrick Payne (Payne's Coaches in Perry Barr) and his brother Frederick Payne (Ashted Coaches in Kitts Green).

The 1901 Cesnsus above shows the family of Frederick and Mary J Payne (nee. Finn) living at 27 Pritchett Street in Birmingham.
Frederick Payne - aged 30, grover / glass cutter, born in Coventry
Mary J - aged 30, grocer, shop keeper on own account, born Birmingham
Florence aged 2
Lizzie aged 8 months
Also in the house is James Finn, a widower, father of Mary J, former brick layer's labourer born in Ireland

The 1911 Census above shows the family of Frederick and Mary (nee. Finn) living at 83 Hatchett Street in Birmingham:

Frederick Payne - 40 years old, glass cutter, married 22 years
Mary Jane Payne - 39 years old, had 14 children, 9 had died and 5 alive

Elizabeth, aged 10
Patrick, aged 8
Frederick, aged 5
Janey, aged 3
Jeneviene, 1.5

Also living with the Payne family is James Finn whom we know was Mary Jane's father. A 73 widower born in Galway and retired brick layer's labourer.

In 1912 Frederick Payne is registered on the Birmingham Electoral Register still living at 83 Hatchett Street.

In 1930 and 1935 we find Patrick and Elizabeth Payne registered at 95 Lower Tower Street and Frederick and Olive Payne at 98 Lower Tower Street.

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