Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Brinkley family of Suffolk

The last couple of evenings I have spent researching the family of my brother-in-law Barry Brinkley whose ancestors came from Suffolk.
This is an email I sent to Barry this evening summarising my research:
Hi Barry
This is a quick summary of my research this evening.

Family of your dad Jack Brinkley (Samuel John)
I found all the brothers and sisters you mentioned

Beau was named Marjery V Brinkley
Charlie was named Henry Charles born 1909

Winifred M was born in 1910
Victor G born in 1911

Frank born 1915
There was another 8th brother you didn’t mention - Harold born 1917 who died in Oxford in 1940

Daisy E born in 1919
Ivor L born 1921

Percy born 1923
Cecil F was the one who died at Dunkirk aged just 19 (born 1925)

Leslie born 1927

The parents of this family (your grandparents) were:
Samuel James Brinkley (born at Norton in 1883) and Ellen Fisher (born at Norton in 1887)

Samuel had 1 sister (Mary Jane Brinkley born 1879) and 5 brothers:
Walter, William, Charles, Albert and Bertie

William died at Flanders in 1917

Your grandmother Ellen Fisher
Was born in 1887 and had 4 sisters and 1 brother:

Henry, Rosaner, Amelia, Alice and Sarah   

Their parents (your great grandparents) were
Henry Fisher and Alice (it could have been Alice Bloomfield Osbourne – but I need to confirm that)

Henry had 6 brothers and 4 sisters and his parents (your great great grandparents) were Robert (born 1815 in Wetherdon) and Amelia (Born 1826 in Portsmouth) Fisher

Your Brinkley great grandparents were
Samuel James born in Norton in 1855 and Mary Ann Claxton born in Flimpton in 1859

As I said in one of my emails, there is evidence the Brinkley family going back into the late 1400s but I won’t go into that right now.

On your mother’s side

Vera’s sister Joyce was actually named Ella Joyce P Elsey born in 1921 in Bosmere
I’m still looking for records for their brother Ernie

Can’t find any other siblings at the moment but there could be some

Vera’s parents (your grandparents) were Frank H S Elsey born Finningham in 1889 and Eva Dorothy Howlett born Finningham 1894
Frank had a brother James (b 1901) and 2 sisters Emily Rose (b 1904) and Ellen Elsie (b 1907)

However, I think these were his step siblings as they all had the surname Aldridge except for Frank who had his mother’s maiden name Elsey. Her name was Roseanna H Elsey (born 1872 in Occold) and the father (or step father) was John Aldridge (born 1868 in Mellis).
I’ll try and confirm the relationship of Roseanna and John at some point – they are your great grandparents.

I’ll give you another update over the weekend as I’m working my way through the Howlett family which is also quite large and at the moment I can get back to your great great grandparents, Charles Howlett (born 1823 in Chelmondiston) and Harriet T Shilling (born 1825 in Gillingham, Kent).
Hope this is interesting.


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