Tuesday, 12 February 2013

An interesting census record relating to the obituary of Ann McKiernan of Cleveland. This is an 1871 census record showing the Finn family living at 12 London Prentice Street in Birmingham (recorded else where as a district with high levels of Irish). Ann is recorded here as 3 and her brother Martin just 9 days old, what is also interesting is it shows the dad Patrick was born in Galway, his wife ...Catherine in Mayo. The two older daughters aged 19 and 17 born in Madeley, Salop in 1852 and Cheshire in 1854. Literally a couple of years after the peak period of the Irish famine. My interpretation being that this was a family on the road in the early 1850s, perhaps the dad labouring along the route which brought them eventually to Birmingham for birth of child 3 in 1857.
The Galway / Mayo origin is interesting. I am still hopeful of one day getting an exact location, but the repeated occurence of the two counties would indicate perhaps the families came from the border area between the two counties around Connemara - one of the worst hit areas by the famine.

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