Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Robey family in the 1891 census in Melbourne

This census record from 1891 shows some of Carol's ancestors in Melbourne. Her grandfather Richard is aged 6 in this record. He died in 1966 having fathered 10 (surviving) children of which Carol's dad Robert Leo was number 9 born in 1938. Richard was one of 6 sons.

The 2nd record here shows another entry from Bagshaw's 1846 with two ladies named Misses Ann and Hannah Roby at Shardlow. Richard's birth was registered at Shardlow although it is both a district and the name of a Hall to the north of Melbourne, so I'm not sure if this means he was born at Melbourne and registered in the district of Shardlow or actually born at the village of Shardlow.

Also listed here at Shardlow is Edward Dawkins, a corn miller. Dawkins was the maiden name of Carol's grandmother (wife of Richard Robey) - who had the wonderful full name Pretoria Mary Dawkins.

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