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Records for Caleb Price of Halesowen

Caleb Price was the father of Gladys Blount, who was paternal grandmother of my cousins, the Blount family who grew up in Bartley Green, Birmingham.

1911 census record showing the family of Caleb and Annie Price living at Chapel Street at Hasbury, Halesowen. Caleb was a button presser born in Worcestershire. The children included Basil aged 12, Elsie aged 10, Hilda aged 7 and Gladys aged 2. Caleb and Annie had been married for 12 years. The child named Gladys was David Blount's mother, aka Nanny Blount.

1901 Census record records Caleb and Annie Price again at Chapel Street in Halesowen. This time Caleb's birthplace is confirmed as Halesowen and their two children in 1901 were Basil and Edith Elsie. Caleb was a button maker.

In 1891 Caleb Price is living with his grandparents at a place called Wall Well in Halesowen. Caleb is 14 years old and works as a button factory hand. His grandfather Stephen aged 70 was a stone mason born in Hasbury. His grandmother Mary, also aged 70 was born in Ludlow.

This is a record of Caleb's Will (2nd page, 1st column, 3rd entry from bottom) showing his date of death 4th October 1950. His address was 489 Ridgeacre Road, Quinton (just round the corner from me!) He left £412 to his widow Florence Gertrude Price. This is a different name to his wife in 1901 and 1911 (mother of Gladys) who was named Annie Price which suggests he remarried sometime in the 39 years after 1911. He was about 73 when he died.

Caleb Price in the 1881 census living at Hasbury, Halesowen. Aged 4 in 1881 Caleb was the oldest child of Stephen and Hannah Price. Stephen was a nail maker born in Hasbury (as was Hannah). Caleb's siblings included Eliza (aged 3), Moses (aged 2) and Hannah (aged 2 months).

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