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Some Monamolin history

Monamolin or Monamoling (Irish: Muine Moling) is a small rural village in County Wexford, Ireland, about 11 km (6.8 mi) south of the town of Gorey. Monamolin (in the parish of the same name), has a population of 661. It is surrounded by Kilmuckridge, Monthoward, Oulart, Boolavogue, Clologue, Ballycanew and Ballygarrett.

In 1885, Bassett's "Wexford Borough Guide and Directory" gave the following information about Monamolin. There is a list of land owners and farmers, there are no Dwyers or Mellons on the list but it may be mainly the wealthier landlords listed as there are a lot of English surnames and it doesn't approach the detail of the Griffith's Valuation.

In 1863 a Wexford man named Thomas Lacy published a massive book with the flowery title "Sights and Scenes in the Fatherland" and he had to say the following about Monamolin.....
A stained glass window from Monamolin RC church
St Brigid. Original photo from an artist
blog called A Doubtful Egg 

"Proceeding by this line of road to Wexford, the tourist will notice about two miles from Ballycanew, the strikingly handsome village of Monamolin, which stands amid rich plantations, on the side of a gentle eminence, on the northern side of the road.

The Roman Catholic Church, and the nice residence of the curate-this being an out-chapel of the union of Litter-together with the National School, form an interesting group; while the Protestant Church, a very handsome structure in the later English style of architecture, with its pinacled and embattled tower, and the neat residence of the clergyman, present features of an exceedingly pleasing and picturesque character.

The houses in Monamolin though low in number are remarkable for their cleanliness and apparent comfort; the whole presenting such a specimen of rural happiness as can bear a comparison with many of the pictures of home felicity that are drawn by those who look upon the agricultural districts of the sister country as models of unqualified admiration."

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