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Some recent research into the Dwyer and Mellon family of Wexford

A miscellaneous one from the Dwyer side - a boy named George Mellon aged 8 died at Gorey, Wexford in 1869, therefore born 1861. Bridget Mellon who married Andrew Dwyer wasn't born until 1884, her father was named George but he was born around the same time as this boy. Given the scarcity of Mellons in the area, we can guess there could be a connection, i.e. cousins both named George, but with no further information to go on you have to park it somewhere pending another lead.

Interestingly, Bridget had a brother named Patrick whom Kitty told me had a son named George. So the name George Mellon clearly got passed down through the family.

On the house and building return for Monamolin in 1901, there is a list of Sarah Mellon's neighbours which happens to include a Murtha Dwyer just a few houses away.

Sure enough we find both a Murtha and his wife Martha Dwyer living at Monamolin in 1901. Murtha is 56, an agricultural labourer born in Wexford and he's deaf. Martha is 38 and they have two children, Edward aged 17 and Thomas aged 12. So not the family of Andrew Dwyer whom Bridget married as we are looking for his dad named Andrew, mother Margaret, sister Elizabeth and brother Edward. But again worth noting this family as Murtha could be a brother to Andrew.

Making a bit of further progress, bearing in mind George Mellon married Sarah Carr or Fortune in 1874 with Fortune being the favourite, a Julia Mellon was born on 11th October 1875 in Wexford with father George Mellon and mother Sarah Fortune. A son John was born to the same couple on 1st September 1879 in Wexford.

I recall now why I had problems finding this family in the 1901 census as the name Dwyer was miss-spelt Dwier but this is definitely the family at Ballyoughna in 1901.

Neither Liza or Edward married and they lived together all of their lives as bachelor and spinster. All of the subsequent Dwyer descendants in Birmingham and all those still living in Wexford, are descended from Andrew and Bridget.

The 1901 Census records Bridget Mellon living with her mother Sarah, a widow aged 49 at House 2 Barraglan, Monamolin, Wexford. 22 year old Bridget is a dress maker, her mother Sarah is a general domestic servant.

There is a marriage for a George Mellon registered in Gorey, Wexford in 1874. It is no more than a list of six names which appears to be divided into three couples and George would appear to be attached to a Sarah Carr. The other two couples are Mary Kelly and Mogue Redmond and also John Phillips and Sarah Fortune. I do happen to know that the name Fortune is connected to the Mellons/Dwyers, so perhaps we should keep it open whether George married Sarah Carr or Sarah Fortune ...for now.

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