Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Price family and stone cutting in Halesowen

A contemporary view of St John the Baptist church in Halesowen, where Caleb Price married Annie Redfern in the April-June quarter of 1898. This photo shows a lovely old timbered building called the White Friar Cottages at the foot of Church Lane.

Another interesting coincidence, Hasbury is very close to where my sister and her husband live and Wall Well, where Caleb lived with his grandparents in 1891 is about a two minute walk their house.

Some fascinating information about the Price family of Halesowen at this link:

It appears Caleb had an uncle also named Caleb Price so the two people shouldn't be confused.

From left: Anna Maria Male, her brother William, her father William, brother James Price, sister Jane (Price), brother Caleb and his twin sister Mary Shilvock. This photo is from the webpage mentioned above. 

The Caleb Price in this photo is a cousin of our Caleb's father Stephen. It was a large family which takes a bit of working out. The old man in the chair, William was brother of our Caleb's grandfather. Some of their siblings went to Canada to work as stone masons but many others stayed in Hasbury.

It seems that the Price family played a recognised role in stone quarrying and building work around Halesowen.

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