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Cross-Atlantic journeys of Lawrence Flanagan

Ship’s manifest, S.S.,Oceanic
September 1908
On 10 September 1908 a clergyman named Lawrence D Flanagan, aged 30, set sail from Queenstown in Ireland on the S.S. Oceanic bound for New York.  His last place of residence was Terenure College in Dublin.
On 10 October 1912, Lawrence Flanagan was sailing again between Queenstown and New York, this time on the S.S. St Paul. Again his age was recorded as 30. On top of his name there is a stamp stating that he was a non immigrant alien and his permanent address was Otisville, America. His father’s name and address was recorded as Patrick Flanagan, Moate, Ireland.

Arrival in New York 1912
On 15 October 1914 a man named Reverend Lawrence Flanagan sailed to New York from Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland on a White Star Liner ship called Adriadic. The 31 year Irish clergyman travelled 2nd class to the USA.

Queenstown to New York
15 October 1914
On 17 November 1919, 37 year old Reverend Lawrence Flanagan travelled from New York to Ireland on the Columbia (a ship of the Anchor Line that sailed between New York and Glasgow). Reverend Flanagan disembarked at Moville in County Donegal). He was an American citizen though his address was given as Moate, Westmeath.

Above: November 1919 Flanagan
arrived at Moville from New York
In January 1920 it appears that the same 37 year old clergyman named Rev. Lawrence Flanagan was a passenger again on the Columbia which travelled from Londonderry to New York. He was again described as a US Citizen.

January 1920 he returns to New York from
Londonderry having visited his family in Moate
In June 1923 Lawrence Flanagan applied to the Department of State in Washington for a new passport which was issued on the 26 June. On his passport application he said that he was born in Moate, Ireland on 19 June 1881 and that his father was named Patrick Flanagan who resided in Ireland. Lawrence said that he emigrated to the United States in September 1908, sailing from Southampton and that he had resided for over 14 years, uninterrupted at New York City from 1908 to 1923.

On this application form he said that he had become a naturalized citizen of the United States before a New York court on 8 February 1917 as shown by his  Certificate of Naturalization. He also said that he had resided outside of the US in Ireland for a period of 2 months in 1919. He said that his permanent residence was St Albert’s College at Middleton, New York.

Lawrence said that his last passport was obtained from New York on 13 June 1921 and was lost. He added that he was about to go abroad temporarily and intended to return within 6 months, with the purpose of visiting his father in Ireland. His sailing was booked on board the President Adams on 5 July 1923.

On his application Lawrence Flanagan said he was 41 years old. 6 feet 2 inches tall, with grey eyes, a long nose, medium mouth and forehead, dark brown hair with a scar above his right eyebrow. An identification reference was given by Denis O’Connor, a clergyman residing at 338 East 29 Street who had known Lawrence for 15 years.  

Finally on the application there was a statement in his own hand writing:

This is to certify that I Lawrence Denis Flanagan got a passport in August 1919. This passport was cancelled in 1921. In 1921 I got another passport but did not use it as the necessity of my going to Ireland had ceased. This passport I left in my house at 338 East 29th Street, New York City. In 1922 I went to live in Middleton, New York and when I looked for the passport I could not find it. I made a thorough search in 338 East 29th Street, New York City, and also at St Albert’s College, Middletown where I now reside, but could not find it. If at any time I get the passport of 1921 I promise to send it to Washington.

Lawrence Flanagan

On July 15th 1923 Lawrence Flanagan arrived at Queenstown, Ireland on the President Adams from New York via Boston. The 41 year old clergyman was heading for 56 Aungier Street and he claimed to be a US subject.

56 Aungier Street is the Dublin address of the Carmelite priory adjacent to their Whitefriar Place church and buildings.

On 11 August 1923 a clergyman named Laurence Flanagan, aged 48 was a passenger on the President Poyke sailing from the port of London to New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown. His last address was the Carmelite Convent, Ireland so he probably embarked at Queenstown not at London. He was classed as a US citizen.

Arrival at Queenstown in 1923, bound for the
Carmelite priory at 56 Aungier Street, Dublin
Whitefriars, Dublin

August 1923 Flanagan sails
back to New York from Ireland
On 12th December 1931 a passenger named Lawrence Flanagan, a priest, sailed from Liverpool to New York on the Sythia (Cunard Line). Lawrence Flanagan was 49 years old and a citizen of the US. His last address was given as Carmelite Church, Whitefriars, Dublin. He was not on his own on the ship, his fellow passenger was 63 year old Peter Magennis, also a priest from the Carmelite Church at Whitefriars.

We have previously mentioned the name of Magennis in the story above about him inviting Flanagan to accompany him to the 1928 Eucharistic Congress in Australia. 

December 1931, Flanagan travels with
Peter Magenis from Liverpool to New York

In 1937 a clergyman named Lawrence Flanagan travelled to New York from Southampton on The Manhattan. He was a US citizen and his address in England was given as 7 Haymarket, SW1. He was 58 years old.

1937 he sails from Southampton
to New York on the Manhattan.

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