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Lawrence Flanagan recorded in the US census

We have previously seen the record of Lawrence Flanagan listed as a student in Dublin in the 1901 Irish census and we know that he was sent as a newly ordained Carmelite priest to New York in 1908.

In the 1910 US census (above), Lawrence Flanagan is found residing at 180 Broadway, Greenburgh, Westchester, New York. He is aged 28 and his profession is a priest. He was born in Ireland and had immigrated into America in 1908. Also recorded at the same address were Dennis O’Conner aged 39 who was head of the household and a priest born in Ireland, Richard Colfes a priest aged 44 born in Ireland, William Leinman a servant aged 30 born in   Belgium, Thomas Mckenna a servant aged 23 born in Ireland and Marie Mcglynn a servant aged 50 born in Ireland.

In the 1920 US census (above), Lawrence Flanagan is residing at 338 East 29 Street, Manhattan. The Reverend Dennis  O’Connor aged 48 from Ireland remains the head of the household, but this time there are many more priests than there were at Greenburgh in 1910. These include Rev. Christopher Slattery aged 45, Rev. Hugh Delvin aged 42, Rev. Dominick Hasting aged 35, Rev. Robert Metcalfe aged 30 and Rev. William O’Farrell aged 34. All of these men were born in Ireland, with the exception of Dennis O’Connor who now claimed England as his place of birth.

As well as the seven priests, there were also four servants living at this abode in 1920, including Anni Caldwell, aged 36 from Ireland who was the cook, Agatha Dylewska, 37 from Poland a kitchen servant, Clara Newburger aged 45 from Austria, a maid, and Frank Malinowaki aged 26 from Poland who was an engineer and was working in the church school.

338 East 29 Street, Manhattan is the address of Our Lady of the Scapular & St Stephen RC Church.

I have not been able to find a record for Lawrence Flanagan in the 1930 US census at the moment and am considering the fact he might have been in another country such as England, Ireland or Australia at that time.

In the 1940 United States Federal Census (next page), 58 year old Lawrence Flanagan is living at 339 East 28th Street, New York with a number of other people listed at the same address. The full record reads:

Elias Larglien aged 47, head of household, born in Malta, hospital chaplain

Hugh Devlin 63 born Irish Free State, assistant pastor in church

John McGrath 34, born in New York, assistant pastor, residence in 1935 Italy, chaplain at hospital

Lawrence Flanagan aged 58, born Irish Free State, pastor in church

James Morrissey aged 37 born Irish Free State, assistant pastor in church

Jess Larsen aged 52 born in Denmark, assistant pastor, residence in 1935 Denmark, chaplain in hospital

Hilary C Grahame aged 33 born Irish Free State, assistant pastor in church, residence in 1935 Italy

Sean S Reid aged 30 born Irish Free State, assistant pastor in church

Anna Usher aged 32 born Irish Free State, maid, single in rectory

Anna Keating aged 50 born Irish Free State, cook in rectory, married

Kathleen Mullarkey aged 21 born Irish Free State, waitress in rectory, single, residence in 1935 Irish Free State

Joseph Henry aged 20 born in New York, house boy in rectory, single

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