Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lawrence Flanagan in the 1901 census and his college links with Eamon de Valera

Terenure College, Dublin
A 19 year old clerical student named Laurence Flanagan, born in Co Westmeath, is listed at house 313 in Terenure (Rathfarnham) in the 1901 census, alongside 60 other students and 5 professors.

Terenure was a Carmelite training college in a residential suburb of south Dublin.

Before attending Terenure College, there is evidence that Lawrence Flanagan attended Blackrock College, also in Dublin. One account online suggests that this is where he first met his lifelong friend Eamon de Valera (www.carmelites.com/history).

Priests at Terenure
De Valera, born in New York in October 1882, was raised by his grandmother in Limerick and educated in Ireland. At the age of 16 (1898) he won a scholarship to attend Blackrock College in Dublin. It is suggested that de Valera himself considered becoming a priest, like his half-brother Father Thomas Wheelwright, and on his deathbed even requested he be buried in a priest’s habit. De Valera’s biographer, Tim Pat Coogan, speculated that questions surrounding de Valera's legitimacy may have been a deciding factor in his not entering religious life, since being illegitimate would have been a bar to receiving orders only as a secular or diocesan cleric, not as a member of a religious order.

Blackrock College, Dublin

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