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The misdemeanours of the Kirby brothers (continued)

15468-19.          Frederick Kirby. Parkhurst Prison. Registered no. 162

Date and place of Birth:         1903.  Birmingham   Height:      5 feet 6

Complexion: Fair.              Hair:  Auburn   Eyes: Light brown

Marks, peculiarities: Scar outer corner left eye. Woman’s head and shoulders. MAN’S RUIN rt., CLASPED SIM. SHIP, laurels, TRUE LOVE l. forearm

Offence in full, place of conviction and Officer in case or place of Committal:

Attempted shop breaking and unlawful wounding—Birmingham. Sess. (Birmingham)

Sentence and date of conviction:

3 years penal servitude.  2-7-1923

Date when penal servitude expires:

22-7-26 (21 days appellant)

Date of liberation, intended address and occupation:

23-10-1925. Birmingham. Caster. 

2439-18     James Kirby Born 1899 Birmingham  Height 5ft 4.  Fair complexion. Light brown hair.  Hazel eyes.

Marks: JESS, EMILY and clasped hands rt., flower and bird of forearm.

Factory breaking (climbed hoarding at rear, broke window and released catch)

Sentenced to 12 months on 7-5-1930.  Released 6-3-1931 to 4/85 Lower Tower Street,       Birmingham, Trade—strip caster.

11140-24  Leonard Kirby  4624 Birmingham.  Born 1905 Birmingham. Height 5ft 3.  Fair complexion. Light brown hair.  Brown eyes.

Marks: Bust of man, snake, peacock. Japanese girl, etc., right arm, crucifix and Japanese girl left forearm.

Offence—Larceny (motor car) - Birmingham sessions.

Conviction – 6 months on 4-7-1932

Release date—5-12-32 to 3 back Coland Street, Birmingham. Trade—cook.


2563-25  John Thomas Kirby alias John Kirby 3274 Birmingham.  Born 1907 Birmingham. Height 5ft 4 and half inches.  Fair complexion. Brown hair.  Brown eyes.

Marks: Butterfly on right forearm.

Offence—Receiving 5 cases. Birmingham session (Solihull)

Conviction – 6 months on 18-1-1932

Release date—18-6-1932 to 43 Pritchett Street, Birmingham. Trade—motor mechanic.


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