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Marriages and events of the Kirby family

George Kirby(1892-1941). Bantam weight boxer.

William Kirby (1894-1982) married Rose Lloyd (1899-1953) and had daughter Mary Rose Kirby (1933-2004). She married William Fitzgerald (1927-2008)

Rose Kirby (b.1896) married John Freeman Hemming (1895-1973)

Sarah Kirby (b.1897)

James Kirby went to prison

Frederick Kirby (b.1903) married Gertrude Gates (b.1901). Frederick went to prison.

Henry Kirby (b.1905) married Florence Jones (b.1904)

Leonard Kirby (b.1906) married Ada May Hardle (b.1906). Leonard may have been a publican in Duddeston.

John Thomas Kirby, aka Jack (b.1907). Featherweight boxer. Married Florence Emily Hardle (b.1909)

Bert Kirby (1908-1975). Featherweight boxer. Married Lily Humphries (1911-1995). Two daughters, Irene Kirby (b.1929) and June C Kirby (b.1932)  



There were 25 people named Kirby in the 1936 Kelly’s Trade Directory for Birmingham. One is a Jack Kirby of 43 Pritchett Street who was a coal dealer. There are two men named Leonard Kirby, one a cycle agent on Washwood Heath Road and the other the publican of the Golden Horse public house at 53 Duddeston Row. There is also a Bert Kirby at 129 Duddeston Mill Road running a business described as dining rooms.


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