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Introducing the Palmer family

The front cover for my research into the Palmer and Parsons family
I decided to go for a marine and nautical theme as Rachel's ancestors seem to
have always had close associations with the sea, a tradition (if not a passion) which
Rachel herself continues to this day 

The Palmers are the family of my sister-in-law, Rachel Palmer who married my wife Theresa's brother Kevin Dwyer.

I have been carrying out research into Rachel's ancestors which include the surnames Palmer, Ellyatt, Parsons and Pringle, amongst several other names. There are some fascinating stories here I will begin to post up. I must thank Rachel's uncle, Jan Parsons, for doing much of the ground work and laying a foundation of research for me to merely build upon. 

Rachel Palmer married Kevin Dwyer on 6 September 2008 at St Peter’s Church in Tiverton, Devon. Rachel was the oldest child and only daughter of Christopher J Palmer and Jennifer S Parsons. Christopher Palmer and Jennifer Parsons married in Penzance, Cornwall in 1973.
They had four children:

Rachel born in Tiverton in 1974
Peter born in Tiverton in 1975

Edward born in Tiverton in 1977
William born in Devon in 1981

Christopher’s full name was Christopher John Clepham Palmer. He was born on 16 January 1946 at Paddington in London. He died on 31st December 2012 at Duxmoor, Withleigh, Tiverton in Devon.
The following obituary to Christopher Palmer was published in the E-Newsletter of DASLS (Devon and Somerset Legal Society), March 2013.  It was written by John Smith, former partner at  Ashfords, Tiverton:

Obituary—Christopher Palmer (1946-2012)
Christopher died suddenly at home on the evening of December 31st. He was just two weeks short of his 67th birthday.

Christopher will be well known to many of us as Hon. Secretary of the Devon and Exeter Law Society, a position which he held for 9 years. He was President of the Society in 1996/1997, President of the Association of South Western Law Societies in 1999/2000 and served as Council Member at the Law Society between 1999 and 2006.
He believed that being part of DELS (and thereby meeting and befriending many of his local professional “rivals”) made his work more enjoyable and improved his chances when acting for clients!

In 1972, he joined Penny  and Harward (now Ashfords), where his father, Sir John Palmer, was a partner, having served his Articles in London. He spent the rest of his working life in the Tiverton Office retiring in 2007.  At various times, he specialised in licensing and criminal law, family law and, latterly, personal injury claims. He was methodical, meticulous and exceptionally well-organised. The only file on his desk would be the one he was currently working on!
He valued the time before the Office opened, often dictating so  enthusiastically and loudly that client confidentiality often seemed to be compromised as his voice could be heard some distance away through his window which would be wide open even in subzero temperatures.

As a colleague, he was supportive and sympathetic with a keen sense of humour. He was always ready to discuss his thoughts and share his theories. He was well-known for his daily list of tasks which he would tick off as he completed them.
As a person, he was kind, courteous and good company. He was keen on punctuality often threatening to leave if his passenger was running late saying reprovingly “wheels turning”.

He was Managing Partner of the Tiverton Office for some years. He was well- liked by everyone there. He would ensure that office functions ran smoothly and that the required amount of wine and glasses had been collected. He insisted that the fire in the Library should be lit at the Office Christmas Party and, when I succeeded him, even awarded me one CPD hour for instruction in the art of fire lighting.
Christopher remained very active in his retirement very active in his retirement being seen often in Tiverton in his shorts whatever the weather. He loved his garden. He became more involved with St Peter’s Church being appointed a Church Warden and taking an active role in its maintenance. He enjoyed playing tennis and kept himself fit.

He was devoted to his wife Jennifer and his four children Rachel, Peter, Edward and William. The last year had seen the arrival of three grandchildren and he had been looking forward to devoting much of his retirement to them.
In his Eulogy at Christopher’s funeral on January 9th, Robert Tailyour described him as “a fine man in every way” - a sentiment with which I and many others wholeheartedly agree.

He will be greatly missed.

Christopher Palmer with Rachel, baby Kitty, Jennifer (nee. Parsons) and Kev Dwyer

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