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William and Annie Millington

William Joseph Millington was born in Birmingham in 1873. His parents were John Millington and Alice (nee. O'Hagan). William was the older brother of my great grandfather Terence Millington.
Between 1894 and 1919, William served in the Royal Navy on 22 different ships. He enlisted at Portsmouth on 4th September 1894 and completed his service on 22nd March 1919. on 27th September 1895 he was promoted to Stoker on HMS Victotry. On 1st July 1906 he was promoted to Stoker 1st Class at HMS Racer which was the training cellege at Osbourne House on Isle of Wright.  
On 31st May 1916 William was wounded in action on the HMS Princess Royal during the Battle of Jutland.
On 2nd September 1905 William married 24 year old Annie Jones at Birmingham Register Office. His profession was Stoker Royal Navy. Both of them put their address as 5 Wheeleys Lane. Annie's father was Thomas Jones who was a railway worker. The witnesses to the wedding were Terence and Phoebe Millington (my great grandparents).
In the 1911 Census, William and Annie Millington were residing at 1 house 1 court Hollier Street, which is a small street next to Highgate Park.
In the household there were three daughters listed, though further on in the record it says that 3 children had been born and 1 had died. I have subsequently found out that the second child died in early infancy, but it's interesting they have entered her name on the form.
The children listed are Phylis A aged 3, Edna J S aged 2 and Lillian M R described as a baby. On the official death indexes there is an entry for the death of an Edna Joan S Millington in Birmingham aged 0 in 1909. So I believe Edna must have been mistakenly entered on the 1911 census.     
In the 1925 Polling register, William Joseph and Annie Millington are recorded living at back 176 Darwin Street (which is very close to Hollier Street in Highgate / Deritend - see map below)

The couple are listed at the same address in 1927

In 1935, Annie is not listed at the Darwin Street home, but Lilian May Rose and Phylis Aurora Millington are listed to vote alongside their father William Joseph 

In 1939 only William Joseph is registered to vote at back 149 Darwin Street 
But in 1945, William Joseph's name has gone from the family home. Annie Millington is now living at 8 South Terrace, South Road, Deritend Ward with her daughter Phylis A Haylett and husband Robert E Haylett. The couple married in 1937.
In 1950, Robert Haylett's name is also missing and Annie E and her daughter Phylis Haylett continue to reside at 8 South Terrace, South Road, Deritend Ward.  
In 1955, Annie E Millington and Phylis Haylett continue to be the only names registered in the family home at 8 South Terrace.

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  1. Lilian May Rose Millington married Francis John O'Coy in 1937. They had a daughter Mavis L. O'Coy born and died in 1941. Lilian died in 1996.

    Please contact me at for further information.